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Automatic Disposable Plastic Glass Making Machine Cup Thermoforming Machine

Cup Thermoforming Machine Mainly for the production of variety plastic containers ( disposable cup, drink cup, Jelly cup, food bowl etc) with thermoplastic sheets, such as PP, PET , PS , PLA etc.
    Cup Making Machine Introduction Plastic glass cup making machine is suitable for molding PP, PET, PS, PLA and other plastic sheets to produce various packaging products such as boxes, plates, cups, bowls, lids, etc. Such as: milk cups, jelly cups, ice cream cups, drink cups, food bowl, etc. Cup Making Machine Specifications Model HEY11-6835 HEY11-7842 Max.Forming Area (mm2) 680*350 780x420 Working Station Forming, Cutting, Stacking Applicable Material PS, PET, HIPS, PP, PLA, etc Sheet Width (mm) 350-810 Sheet Thickness (mm) 0.3-2.0 Max. Forming Depth (mm) 180 Max. Dia. Of Sheet Roll (mm) 800 Mould Stroke(mm) 250 Length of upper heater (mm) 3010 Length of lower heater (mm) 2760 Max. Mold Closing Force (T) 50 Speed (cycle/min) Max 25 Accuracy of Sheet Transport(mm) 0.15 Power Supply 380V 50Hz 3 phase 4 wire Heating Power (kw) 135 Total Power (kw) 165 Machine Dimension (mm) 5290*2100*3480 Sheet Carrier Dimension (mm) 2100*1800*1550 Weight of Whole Machine (T) 9.5 plastic cup making machine Feature 1.Auto-unwinding rack: Disposable plastic cup making machine designed for overweight material by using pneumatic structure. Double feeding rods are convenient for conveying materials, which not only improves the efficiency but reduces the material waste. 2.Heating: Plastic glass making machine upper and down heating furnace, can move horizontally and vertically to ensure that the temperature of the plastic sheet is uniform during the production process. Sheet feeding is controlled by servo motor and the deviation is less than 0.01mm. The feeding rail is controlled by closed-loop waterway to reduce the material waste and cooling. 3.Mechanical arm: Plastic cup forming machine can automatically match the molding speed. The speed is adjustable according to different products. Different parameters can be set. Such as picking position, unloading position, stacking quantity, stacking height and so on. 4.Waste winding device: Plastic Cup Thermoforming Machine adopts automatic take-up to collect surplus material into a roll for collection. Double cylinder structure makes the operation easy and convenient. The outer cylinder is easy to take down when the surplus material reach a certain diameter, and the inner cylinder is working at the same time. This plastic glass machine operation will not interrupt the production process.