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Plastic Vacuum Forming Machine HEY05

    Vacuum Thermoforming Machine Description Vacuum forming, also known as thermoforming, vacuum pressure forming or vacuum molding, is a procedure in which a sheet of heated plastic material is shaped a certain way. Automatic Plastic vacuum Forming Machine: Mainly for the production of variety plastic containers ( egg tray, fruit container, package containers, etc) with thermoplastic sheets, such as PET, PS, PVC etc. Product Advantages This Vacuum Forming Machine Utilizes PLC control system, servo drives upper and lower mould plates, and servo feeding, which would be more stable and precision. Human-computer interface with high definition contact-screen, which can monitor the operation situation of all parameter setting. The Plastic vacuum forming machine Applied self-diagnosis function, which can real-time display breakdown information, easy to operate and maintenance. The pvc vacuum forming machine can store several product parameters, and the debugging is quick when producing different products. Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine Specifications Model Cylinder-HEY05A Servo-HEY05B Working Station Forming, Stacking Applicable Material PS, PET, PVC, ABS Max. Forming Area (mm2) 1350*760 Min. Forming Area (mm2) 700*460 Max. Formed Depth (mm) 130 Sheet Width (mm) 490~790 Sheet Thickness (mm) 0.2~1.2 Accuracy of Sheet Transport (mm) 0.15 Max. Working Cycle (cycles/minute) 30 Stroke of Upper/Lower Mold (mm) 250 350 Length of Upper/Lower Heater (mm) 1500 Max. Capacity of Vacuum Pump (m3/h) 200 Power Supply 380V/50Hz 3 Phrase 4 Wire Dimension (mm) 4160*1800*2945 Weight (T) 4 Heating Power(kw) 86 Power of Vacuum Pump (kw) 4.5 Power of Sheet Motor (kw) 4.5 Total Power(kw) 100  120 BRAND of COMPONENTS PLC DELTA Touch Screen MCGS Servo Motor DELTA Asynchronous Motor CHEEMING Frequency Converter DELIXI Transducer OMDHON Heating Brick TRIMBLE AC Contactor CHNT Thermo Relay CHNT Intermediate Relay CHNT Solid-state Relay CHNT Solenoid Valve AirTAC Air Switch CHNT Air Cylinder AirTAC Pressure Regulating Valve AirTAC Grease Pump BAOTN