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Four Stations Large PP Plastic Thermoforming Machine HEY02

Four Stations Large PP Plastic Thermoforming Machine is forming, cutting and stacking in one line. It is completely driven by servo motor, stable operation, low noise, high efficiency, suitable for producing plastic trays, containers, boxes, lids, etc.
    Product Introduction Four Stations Large Plastic Thermoforming Machine Mainly for the production of variety plastic containers ( egg tray, fruit container, food container, package containers, etc) with thermoplastic sheets, such as PS, PET, HIPS, PP, PLA etc. Feature 1.Mechanical, pneumatic and electrical combination, all working actions are controlled by PLC. Touch screen makes the operation convenient and easy. 2. Pressure And/Or Vacuum forming. 3. Upper and down mould forming. 4. Servo motor feeding, feeding length can be step-less adjusted. High speed and accurate. 5. Upper & lower heater, four sections heating. 6. Heater with intellectual temperature control system,which has high precision, uniform temperature, won’t be effected by outer voltage. Low power consumption (energy saving 15%), ensure the longer service life of heating furnace. 7. The molds of forming, cutting and punching controlled by servo motor, products automatically count. 8. Products be stacked downward. 9. Data memorization function. 10.Feeding width can be synchronously or independently adjusted in electrical way. 11.Heater will automatically push-out when the sheet is over. 12.Auto roll sheet loading, reduce the working load. Key Specification Model HEY02-6040 HEY02-7860 Max.Forming Area (mm2) 600x400 780x600 Working Station Forming, Punching, Cutting, Stacking Applicable Material PS, PET, HIPS, PP, PLA, etc Sheet Width (mm) 350-810 Sheet Thickness (mm) 0.2-1.5 Max. Dia. Of Sheet Roll (mm) 800 Forming Mould Stroke(mm) 120 for up mold and down mold Power Consumption 60-70KW/H Max. Formed Depth (mm) 100 Cutting Mould Stroke(mm) 120 for up mold and down mold Max. Cutting Area (mm2) 600x400 780x600 Max. Mold Closing Force (T) 50 Speed (cycle/min) Max 30 Max. Capcity of Vacuum Pump 200 m³/h Cooling System Water Cooling Power Supply 380V 50Hz 3 phase 4 wire Max. Heating Power (kw) 140 Max. Power of Whole Machine (kw) 170 Machine Dimension(mm) 11000*2200*2690 Sheet Carrier Dimension(mm) 2100*1800*1550 Weight of Whole Machine (T) 15 Brand of Main Components PLC DELTA Touch Screen MCGS Servo Motor DELTA Asynchronous Motor CHEEMING Frequency Converter DELIXI Transducer OMDHON Heating Brick TRIMBLE AC Contactor CHNT Thermo Relay CHNT Intermediate Relay CHNT Solid-state Relay CHNT Solenoid Valve AirTAC Air Switch CHNT Air Cylinder AirTAC Pressure Regulating Valve AirTAC