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Join GtmSmart at HanoiPlas 2024 and ProPak Asia 2024 in June


Join GtmSmart at HanoiPlas 2024 and ProPak Asia 2024 in June


In June, GtmSmart will participate in two significant industry events: HanoiPlas 2024 and ProPak Asia 2024. We cordially invite our esteemed clients and partners to join us at these events to discuss the latest industry trends and share advanced technologies and solutions. We look forward to your presence and to collaborating for a brighter future.



I.【HanoiPlas 2024】

🗓️ Dates: June 5-8, 2024
🔹 Venue: Hanoi International Center for Exhibition, Vietnam
🔹 Booth: NO.222


HanoiPlas 2024 is a premier event in the plastics industry, bringing together leading plastic machinery manufacturers, material suppliers, and technology service providers from around the globe. At this event, GtmSmart will showcase our latest thermoforming machine and technology solutions. Our exhibits will include three-station thermoforming machines, cup thermoforming machines, and vacuum forming machines.


During HanoiPlas 2024, our technical team will offer one-on-one technical consultation services. We aim to better understand our customers' needs, discuss future development directions with our partners, and seek more cooperation opportunities through this exhibition.


II.【ProPak Asia 2024】

🗓️ Dates: June 12-15, 2024
🔹 Venue: Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre, Thailand
🔹 Booth: V37


Following HanoiPlas 2024, GtmSmart will head to Bangkok, Thailand, to participate in ProPak Asia 2024. As the largest processing and packaging industry exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region, ProPak Asia attracts packaging equipment manufacturers and technology service providers from around the world. Our expert team will explain the features and advantages of each piece of equipment and share our innovative ideas and success stories in the packaging industry. We look forward to in-depth exchanges with you on-site to explore innovations in the packaging industry.


III. Why You Can't Miss These Two Exhibitions:


1. Technical Exchange and Collaboration: Exhibitions are a perfect opportunity for face-to-face exchanges with industry experts and peers. We will showcase our latest technologies and products and share our professional knowledge and experience. Your presence will add excitement to our technical exchanges.


2. Deepening Customer Relationships: Whether you are an existing customer or a potential partner, we hope to gain a deeper understanding of your needs through the exhibition, providing more tailored services and solutions. Face-to-face communication will help us better meet your needs.


3. Enhancing Brand Influence: GtmSmart is committed to technological innovation and quality improvement. By participating in international exhibitions, we not only showcase our products but also demonstrate our relentless pursuit of excellence. Your participation will witness our growth and progress.


IV. Special Activities During the Exhibition:


During the exhibition, GtmSmart has prepared a variety of exciting interactive activities to make your visit full of surprises and rewards. We will set up a product display wall to showcase innovative cases, allowing you to get a closer look at our latest technologies. Our expert consultation sessions will provide you with the opportunity to engage deeply with industry experts and receive customized solutions. Additionally, you can receive exquisite gifts. We sincerely invite you to visit our booth and experience these interactive activities, exploring the future of the industry together!


V. How to Participate:

To ensure you have a smooth and rewarding experience, please contact us in advance for detailed information and participation guidelines. We will provide comprehensive support and services to ensure your visit is enjoyable and fruitful.


Contact Us:

Phone: 0086-18965623906 
Email: sales@gtmsmart.com
Website: www.gtmsmart.com

In June, we look forward to welcoming you at our booths at HanoiPlas 2024 and ProPak Asia 2024. Let's discuss the future of the industry together and create more value. GtmSmart looks forward to seeing you at the exhibition!