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GtmSmart's Exciting Presence at Saudi Print&Pack 2024


GtmSmart's Exciting Presence at Saudi Print&Pack 2024



From May 6 to 9, 2024, GtmSmart successfully participated in Saudi Print&Pack 2024 at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center in Saudi Arabia. As a leader in thermoforming technology, GtmSmart showcased our latest technological innovations and solutions, engaging in deep interactions and exchanges with numerous industry experts and customers. This exhibition not only reinforced GtmSmart's position in the Middle Eastern market but also brought an unprecedented thermoforming technology experience to customers.



Technological Innovation Leading the Future of Thermoforming


At this exhibition, GtmSmart presented its cutting-edge thermoforming technology solutions. Through multimedia displays and interactive experiences, customers gained a detailed understanding of GtmSmart's high-speed thermoforming machines and fully automated production lines. These vivid displays not only illustrated the efficient operation of the equipment but also demonstrated its application scenarios and advantages in actual production.



In-depth Interaction, Customer First


During the exhibition, GtmSmart's booth was constantly bustling with customers. Our team of technical experts engaged in deep conversations with customers from around the world, providing detailed answers to questions about product performance, application scenarios, and after-sales services. Through this face-to-face interaction, customers not only learned about the technical advantages of GtmSmart products but also experienced the professionalism and service level of our team.



Successful Cases, Proven Excellence


At the exhibition, GtmSmart shared multiple success stories, showcasing our achievements on a global scale. Through customer interviews, it was revealed how GtmSmart has helped clients of various sizes and industries improve production efficiency and product quality. For example, a food packaging company significantly increased its capacity and greatly reduced labor costs and waste rates after introducing GtmSmart's fully automated thermoforming production line. These success stories not only demonstrated the outstanding performance of GtmSmart products but also highlighted our team's professional capabilities.



Customer Feedback, Driving Forward


Positive feedback from customers is the driving force behind GtmSmart's continuous progress. During the exhibition, we received numerous favorable reviews. One customer from Saudi Arabia remarked, "GtmSmart's thermoforming technology and solutions perfectly meet our production needs. We look forward to further collaboration with GtmSmart." Another customer praised our after-sales service, saying, "GtmSmart not only offers excellent products but also provides timely and professional after-sales service, giving us great peace of mind."


Through these interactions and feedback, GtmSmart has gained valuable insights into customer needs and market trends. This feedback will help us further improve our products and services, continuing to meet the diverse needs of our customers.



Collaborative Growth, Shared Success


GtmSmart understands that long-term success cannot be achieved alone; collaboration and mutual benefit are the keys to future development. During the exhibition, GtmSmart signed strategic cooperation agreements with several internationally renowned companies, further expanding our global market presence. Additionally, GtmSmart engaged in in-depth discussions with several potential partners, exploring future cooperation opportunities.


Our partners expressed that through collaboration with GtmSmart, they could not only receive advanced technical support but also jointly develop new markets, achieving win-win outcomes. GtmSmart also looks forward to these collaborations to further enhance our technical capabilities and market influence, driving continuous innovation and development in the thermoforming industry.



Next Stop: HanoiPlas 2024


GtmSmart will continue to showcase its outstanding innovations and solutions in the field of thermoforming technology. Our next stop is HanoiPlas 2024, and we look forward to your visit and exchange.

Date: June 5 to 8, 2024

Location: Hanoi International Center for Exhibition, Vietnam

Booth Number: NO.222

We warmly welcome all customers and partners to visit the GtmSmart booth, experience our latest technology, and explore the future development of the industry together.





GtmSmart's impressive presence at Saudi Print&Pack 2024 not only showcased our strong capabilities in the field of thermoforming technology but also pointed the way forward for industry development. Through in-depth interactions and exchanges with customers, GtmSmart gained valuable market feedback and collaboration opportunities. Moving forward, GtmSmart will continue to drive innovation, committed to providing the best thermoforming solutions to global customers, and jointly creating a bright future.